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Performance Audit

This service includes finding out of all the issues that make your website perform slowly. It does not matter what level an issue belongs to — we start with the DNS hosting / configuration and end with frontend blocks such as CSS, fonts and images.

As a result, we create the Report that includes all the issues found, sorted by their severity, as well as our recommendations for fixing them.

Please note that this service does not include implementation or further assistance — after we've done our job, you need to fix all the issues on your own.

Price: $75

Website Optimization

Optimization means that we do everything ourselves, taking all possible measures to make your website perform fast. Since this process may potentially involve many actions, you decide whether your site should be fast enough or blazingly fast.

We'll configure your server software (web server, CMS, network protocols, etc.) in the most optimal way, optimize your website code and media content (images, videos), getting rid of bloat stuff and using more efficient alternatives.

We can move your website to another platform (hosting) and configure CDN, DNS, etc if necessary.

Price: $195*

* Price may differ depending on the complexity of a particular website. Please contact us to get a quote.

All paid services include a free consultation where you can ask any question related to performance, for example, about web hosting, DNS hosting, VPS, CDN, Cloudflare, the proper use of various tools and services for measuring performance, such as Lighthouse and more.

it's wiser to pay once for performance optimization than to lose revenue every month.


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