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We Make Websites Load Lightning Fast

Welcome to «Perforio», the first specialized web performance lab.


Performance Audit

We'll find out all the issues that make your website slow and give our recommendations.

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Website Optimization

We'll tweak your website to work as quickly and optimally as possible. You'll be surprised!

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Cost Minimization

A more efficient website requires less server resources, and hence money.

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We have answers you are looking for — about solutions, tools, cost and more.

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Our Mission

A website's slowness negatively impacts its Google's ranking, user experience and retention, bounce and conversion rates. In other words, poor performance leads to losing money.

We help solopreneurs, bloggers and small businesses to avoid above scenario, as well as to reduce infrastructure cost, making their websites fast and efficient for a reasonable price.


Our Philosophy

Customer pays only for the result. Not our time/effort. If we unable to make the website faster, we will refund all the money back.

It does not matter what makes website slow (DNS, TLS, JavaScript, etc). We do optimization at all levels of Web technology stack.

We do not sell hosting or CDN services and do not participate in any affiliate programs. But we still can help choose a third-party service if necessary.


Our Workflow

First of all, we discuss website's target audience, identify its important pages and customer goals.

Then we analyze current state including hosting, location, network protocols and rendering issues. All the problems and warning signs found are compiled into the Report.

The next step is to eliminate the issues identified in the previous step.


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